Happiness is …

  1. Finding money in your pocket that you had no idea even existed.
  2. Waking up in the morning and realizing you still have an hour left to sleep.
  3. Turning on the TV to find that rare episode of “Friends” that you haven’t seen before.
  4. Catching up with your best-friend who lives in a different time zone.
  5. Morning tea with lemon-sandwich biscuits.
  6. Public holidays.
  7. Hot chocolate on a freezing cold day.
  8. Finding the bag you have been eyeing on a crazy sale.
  9. Coming home to your favourite meal.
  10. Lying in bed after a hard day’s work.
  11. Mama’s hugs.
  12. Suddenly finding the ring — or the other thing — you had lost a few months ago.
  13. Finding a childhood friend on Facebook.
  14. Rain in the middle of Summer.
  15. Rolling up your Tim Horton’s cup and winning a free doughnut.
  16. The perfect hair day.
  17. Your favourite song on the radio.
  18. Solving the ‘solve if you are a genius” math problems on Facebook.
  19. That Pakistan cricket game where the team rips everyone a new one.
  20. Listening to Dil Dil Pakistan.
  21. Top Pops.
  22. Popcorn AND nachos at the movies.
  23. Finding that ‘good book’ you have spent years looking for.
  24. Chocolate.
  25. Realizing that it’s Friday and the weekend starts tomorrow!

  26. The beach.
  27. The perfect selfie.
  28. Finally using the bathroom after holding it in for hours.
  29. When a friend cancels the plan you really didn’t want to go to in any case.
  30. Garam Garam Jalebi
  31. Popping a pimple
  32. Just belting it out in the shower
  33. Taking your shoes off after a long day at work

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