Brazil vs. Germany in Pictures

The Brazil vs. Germany semi-final was an exhilarating watch. If you had gone to the fridge to grab a snack in the first half, bad luck; you are certain to have missed at least 4 goals. It’s not just that five-time World Cup champs Brazil were massacred in their backyard while playing host, but the fact that Germany scored so many goals that there was hardly time for a replay before they scored another one that made the game so thoroughly enjoyable.  

There was such shock around the situation that social media was abuzz. My Twitter timeline had me in splits, so I decided to share the joy (and tears as you will see below).  Here, I have compiled some noteworthy moments.

crying 3

This woman is seriously heart-broken because she paid a lot of money for this green and yellow hat. Some consolation; she made it to national TV with this priceless look.


Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari was keeping count. It’s easy when he just had the German’s goals to keep count of.


Ahh Oprah — always appropriate.


I don’t even want to know what this kid looked like after Germany scored its 7th goal 😦

3Here’s the German goalkeeper after goal number 5.

Brazil Soccer WCup

“Do you know how hard it is to get golden lipstick off yo’ lips??? One goal just isn’t worth this shit.”


Can’t make fun of this supporter. She feels, most certainly, like all of us do after Afridi goes for a duck AGAIN.

brazil 2

Worst defeat in the HISTORY of Brazil??? Thank you God. At least I will be remembered for something!
BsDYq2JCcAAMXH6This supporter be like PLEASE GOD NO MORE.


Seriously, though folks, here is the real reason Brazil lost.


Here are ardent prayers of “die Justin Bieber, die”.


Meanwhile Brazil is making some edits to it’s monuments. Keep an eye out for this one.


Here is the saddest Brazilian fan in the world. “No I won’t let go, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t. Viva Brazil, ok?”


Thoughts here: Must get my Linkin Park CD out — Total In The End moment here.

10Om Nom!

It’s just that kind of day and with that, friends, you have witnessed the most humiliating loss in Brazilian history.


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